Dollar Revenue wants you.

Even after the Dutch telecom watchdog OPTA has imposed a fine totaling EUR 1 million on DollarRevenue just won’t give in. The worm turns and the malware pusher sent out this e-mail to all former pushers affiliates. Who wants to bet that no one replies.

Dear webmaster,

As a former affiliate of the DollarRevenue program we would like to
ask you the following.

In November 2006 the DollarRevenue program was suddenly discontinued.
This was a direct result of a legal procedure by the Dutch Telecom
Agency. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience or losses you
may have occurred from the Agency’s actions.

The Agency has fined our company with a substantive amount for not
providing enough information on the DollarRevenue software you have
offered to end-users.We do not agree with and have appealed the
Agency’s decision. We believe that the information provided to
end-users by our affiliates was sufficient.

At this moment we are making an inventory of the way our affiliates
have provided end-users with information on the DollarRevenue

Our question to you is: how have you provided DollarRevenue’s EULA to end-users?

We would be very inclined if you could provide us an answer on this
question by return e-mail.

Any other statement on the promotion and information method you used
is also welcome.

We might use this information in the appeal against the Agency’s
decision.Though we do not think it necessary, please indicate if you
want us to anonimize your answer.


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I live in Jacksonville, Florida USA where I ride my bike and run a small PC and network repair biz. I consider my self extremely lucky to earn a living doing what I love. I have been earning my living in this way for several years. Alas, my personality doesn’t allow me to rest on the successes of my past. Entrepreneurs are cursed that way. I started SpyandSeek while still in college but never finished it. (slight ADD another curse.) After a two years in the PC trade I decided it was time to finish what I started and so SpyandSeek was born. SpyandSeek has analyzed thousands of HijackThis logs from around the world since it’s launch in late 2005. It still amazes me how a tiny site like mine can touch so many far off places.

3 thoughts on “Dollar Revenue wants you.

  1. I am currently researching Dollar Revenue as a case study for some research. I have been unable to find your DR blurb asking for affiliates to send in their EULAs. Can anyone help in this regard?

    1) the DR query for EULAs
    2)does anyone actually have any EULAs stored by research coincidence

    By the way, I am a security researcher with a legal background hence the interest in the topic.

  2. AL,
    The call for EULAs only existed via email. As you already found I posted the entire text of the email here.

    It was sent out from a Gmail account on Wed, 20 Feb 2008 and only (as far as I know) too former affiliates of DollarRevenue. I got a copy because I signed up for an account to get an inside view of their operations. Morbid curiosity I guess.

    Also, I don’t remember seeing any dollar revenue EULAs accept the ones for the affiliate sign up. dollar revenue “required” each affiliate to write their own for distribution. Which as you might guess did not happen often. You might try contacting Patrick Jordan or Alex Eckelberry over at sunbelt software for some archived DR EULAs.

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