TSA captures 5 year old terrorist

It’s a case of a mistaken identity for a 5-year-old boy from Normandy Park. He had trouble boarding a plane because someone with the same name is wanted by the federal government. Mimi Jung reports from Sea-Tac Airport.

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One thought on “TSA captures 5 year old terrorist

  1. With the best of intentions, in the best of circumstances, government attempts to protect its citizens through the rules and laws it legislates. Our freedom is in danger from both those enemies who believe their duty is to harm us and from unthinking enforcement of our rules and laws. Those whose duty it is to enforce rules and laws of the land are, at times, performing their duty in the absence of “common sense”. In war a soldier’s duty is to follow orders, and to challenge those orders when those orders go against moral fiber of his or her country. The TSA and other government agencies charged with safeguarding our country must carry out their duties balanced against “common sense” that is as much a part of the fabric of our country as the rules and laws of the land. What happened to this 5 year old is an example of how we are losing our freedom by the blind enforcement, to the letter, of the rules the government has put in place to protect us.

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