My pc keeps turing off.

Q: My pc keeps turning off after about a minute. Then I see a RGB error. What should I do?

A: First the RGB error your seeing is likely just the monitor letting you know that it’s not receiving a signal from the PC. Because the PC is off it can’t send a signal. So no worries there.

If the PC is going through its shutdown process after about a minute of operation you might have some malware on your system.

If your PC is snapping off as if the plug has been yanked from the wall my first thought is a bad fan. Your PC creates a lot of heat and heat can build up very fast and even cause damage. With out fans modern PCs get very cranky.

You should open up the case and get a flash light. This also might be a good time to grab a can of compressed air and (use short bursts with the PC unplugged) blow out any dust buffaloes you find inside the case.

Next power on the PC and look around inside to see if all the fans are spinning. Be sure to check the fan on the back of the power supply. Be very careful not to touch the inner workings of the PC while it is powered on. Electricity bites very hard.

When you find the dead fan replace it with a new one of the same type.

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