SpyAndSeek Update

I have been making some updates and new features for SpyAndSeek.com So here is a list of new stuff.

  1. Reduced sql queries to speed up site.
  2. No longer have to re-upload log to finish voting. After voting you are automatically taken right back to your log.
  3. new ability to refer back to a previous log without uploading again. You can use this URL to post to a forum or just check back later to see if anyone sased on your log.


About Brett

I live in Jacksonville, Florida USA where I ride my bike and run a small PC and network repair biz. I consider my self extremely lucky to earn a living doing what I love. I have been earning my living in this way for several years. Alas, my personality doesn’t allow me to rest on the successes of my past. Entrepreneurs are cursed that way. I started SpyandSeek while still in college but never finished it. (slight ADD another curse.) After a two years in the PC trade I decided it was time to finish what I started and so SpyandSeek was born. SpyandSeek has analyzed thousands of HijackThis logs from around the world since it’s launch in late 2005. It still amazes me how a tiny site like mine can touch so many far off places.

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