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Dude I got third place

I just got back from an adventure race in Georgia at Fort Gordon called medwars.
Designed test wilderness survival and medical skills

Dude I got third place. Well, me and my 4 man team did. The race is 10 – 15 miles over varying. paved road, fire roads, brush, lakes, and swamp. Yea, swamp.. mud thigh high and if you weren’t paying attention waist deep. Some mountain biking and canoeing too but mostly running or trotting. Our time was 6.20 Hr we got third place out of 30 teams. 1st got us by 27 min and 2nd got us by 17 min.

They actually beat us by 1hr 20 min but they skipped a lot of checkpoints and did poorly on the med scenarios.

Will post pics of event as they are sent to me. Didn’t bring my camera:-(

Ubuntu 7.10 – Sun Java 1.6.0_05 Manual Installation

Disturbed by the lack of security updates to sun java in the Ubuntu repos. I went looking for a tutorial on how to manual install it. I found jmtdstoc a fine blog for any ubuntu user to read.

Alas, the blog has no commenting so I can’t share my experience with the blogger. (maybe I’ll try email)

My experience:
I needed to add a sim link to my ~/.mozilla/plugins directory (the ~ stands for my home directory) in order to get firefox 3.0-b4 to except the update.

sudo ln -s /opt/jre1.6/plugin/i386/ns7/ ~/.mozilla/plugins

other than that everything went smooth as ice. Thanks jmtdstoc

read tutorial

FireWire burning your security

Adam Boileau a security reacher from New Zealand released source code for his Winlockpwn scripts. He first demoed the hacking physical-memory-DMA feature of Firewire at Ruxcon 2006 . Yes, thats right this is a feature of firewire that basically destroys the security feeling of any computer screensaver/lockscreen (Windows/Mac/ Linux) with a firewire port. This is more of a complex hack then say pressing the “escape” button in windows 98 but it gets the job done just as quick.

as adam puts it:

Yes, this means you can completely own any box who’s firewire port you can plug into in seconds.

Get a copy of the Winlockpwn code here

Hack into a Windows PC – no password needed – Security – Technology

Dollar Revenue wants you.

Even after the Dutch telecom watchdog OPTA has imposed a fine totaling EUR 1 million on DollarRevenue just won’t give in. The worm turns and the malware pusher sent out this e-mail to all former pushers affiliates. Who wants to bet that no one replies.

Dear webmaster,

As a former affiliate of the DollarRevenue program we would like to
ask you the following.

In November 2006 the DollarRevenue program was suddenly discontinued.
This was a direct result of a legal procedure by the Dutch Telecom
Agency. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience or losses you
may have occurred from the Agency’s actions.

The Agency has fined our company with a substantive amount for not
providing enough information on the DollarRevenue software you have
offered to end-users.We do not agree with and have appealed the
Agency’s decision. We believe that the information provided to
end-users by our affiliates was sufficient.

At this moment we are making an inventory of the way our affiliates
have provided end-users with information on the DollarRevenue

Our question to you is: how have you provided DollarRevenue’s EULA to end-users?

We would be very inclined if you could provide us an answer on this
question by return e-mail.

Any other statement on the promotion and information method you used
is also welcome.

We might use this information in the appeal against the Agency’s
decision.Though we do not think it necessary, please indicate if you
want us to anonimize your answer.