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Ocean of low cost fun

Helio Keyboard out

I admit it I have succumb to the advertising genius that is

Helio and purchased an ocean. No not the Atlantic or the Indian. The Helio ocean. It’s a fab device (I can’t call it a phone) with tons of features. I can check my mail, send SMS and IM messages to all my buds plus play games and listen to music. It even makes decent phone calls. I love this thing.

I can’t say it enough. All gadgets like this have quirks and inconsistencies but all in all the ocean has more usable features than any phone I ever had. Best of all the service plan is only $65 bones. Half of what it costs to get the same feature set on sprint and Helio is unlimited usage except for talk time. Which is odd considering Helio piggybacks on sprints network. You just can’t beat this deal with a stick or an iPhone.



  • Scrolling in the browser only hits links and if the links are arranged too close, you cannot get to each link.

  • There should be copy and paste functionality in the browser.

  • In HTML mode when you “search on a page” with the browser, it should move your focus to that area instead of keeping it where you are and highlighting what it is your trying to find.

  • Speakerphone volume is ridiculously low.

  • Can’t add third party Java apps to the phone. Google maps runs on Java and comes with the phone. So what’s the difference if I get the app from a third party.

  • Better podcast support. It’s not fun to fast forward to the middle of a hour long show because I wanted to check my mail.

  • Better audio book support. same reason as above.


Show stoppers


  • When setting up a IMAP email account if the secure option is selected and your server has an unsigned SSL certificate you get an error that the user name and password is incorrect.

  • When downloading a game or streaming video the screen randomly goes black and device crashes. The only way to recover is to yank the battery and restart the phone.

iTunes store is iSlow

Q: I am having a hard time accessing iTunes store. It takes forever to connect to iTunes and then sometimes it cannot connect. Surfing the web is fine. No delays.I really do not know what to do.

A: First thing to try is deleting / cleaning out your internet cache and temporary files. Sometimes iTunes gets lazy and refuses to clean up after it’s self. This also helps if you suffer from a BSOD (blue screen of death) every time you plug in you iPod.
Another solution is to uninstall iTunes completely. Don’t worry your music will remain untouched and safe. Download the latest version of iTunes from apple and reinstall it. iTunes Download

If you go the uninstall reinstall route you may have to renter your iTunes store credentials afterward.

My pc keeps turing off.

Q: My pc keeps turning off after about a minute. Then I see a RGB error. What should I do?

A: First the RGB error your seeing is likely just the monitor letting you know that it’s not receiving a signal from the PC. Because the PC is off it can’t send a signal. So no worries there.

If the PC is going through its shutdown process after about a minute of operation you might have some malware on your system.

If your PC is snapping off as if the plug has been yanked from the wall my first thought is a bad fan. Your PC creates a lot of heat and heat can build up very fast and even cause damage. With out fans modern PCs get very cranky.

You should open up the case and get a flash light. This also might be a good time to grab a can of compressed air and (use short bursts with the PC unplugged) blow out any dust buffaloes you find inside the case.

Next power on the PC and look around inside to see if all the fans are spinning. Be sure to check the fan on the back of the power supply. Be very careful not to touch the inner workings of the PC while it is powered on. Electricity bites very hard.

When you find the dead fan replace it with a new one of the same type.