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The Duckies are coming. The Duckies are coming.

In 1992 nearly 30,000 plastic bath toys that were released into the Pacific Ocean when a container was washed off a cargo ship. Now the duckies after a journey of nearly 17,000 miles are on their way to Britain. Having crossed the Arctic Ocean and powered past Greenland and the eastern seaboard of the United States.

These are some fairly tough ducks with a big price tag. Once worth only $2 now after there epic journey these little plastic dynamos sell at auction for nearly $1000 each.

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Double dose of AV?

Q: Should I run more than one anti-virus program?

A:Short answer: no.
Long answer: Anti-virus software to be effective must hook in to the deepest levels of the OS and even modify how the system works. Often employing the same techniques root-kit and Trojan programs do to secure control. So having two applications competing for supreme dominance over your PC is not a battle you as a user want on your computer. I humbly suggest installing AVG Anti-virus or NOD32 and using an on-line scanner like Housecall for a second opinion.

One other note. Stay away from Internet Security suites from any vendor. They are always bloated and ultra prone to conflicts. Unless you are a Slowsky turtle slowing the PC down in general is not a good thing.

Right handed violence

Bamboo Helicopter

Warning For Right- Handed Person.
May hit Left Handed Person in the Face.
Hand-made by the same Skilled Craftsman
who made the Urie Tonbo

Apparently Bamboo Helicopter toys promote violence between lefty’s and righty’s. They are hand crafted to seek out and destroy either right handed or left handed people. I wonder where they hide the pilot? Oh well death to all lefty’s!!!