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HijackThis has been hijacked???

Looks like someone forgot to pay the hosting bill. Is now a ad FARM GODADDY PARK PAGE. Godaddy is going to make a bundle off this goofup!! But I wonder if merijn/TrendMicro just forgot to pay the bill or deleted it? What ever the case I hope it’s fixed soon as thousands of webpages link to that address andso does . So I hope it is just a accident and not permanent.

Insanity of western Digital velociraptor

So according to WD their new drive has a MTBF of 1.4 Million hours.For the less mathematically inclined that’s roughly 160 YEARS. I smell BS because of their 5-year limited warranty and solid grasp on reality.

Rock-solid Reliability – Designed and manufactured to mission-critical enterprise-class standards to provide enterprise reliability in high duty cycle environments. With 1.4 million hours MTBF, these drives have the highest available reliability rating on a high capacity SATA drive.

WD VelociRaptor 300 GB SATA Hard Drives ( WD3000GLFS )

FireWire burning your security

Adam Boileau a security reacher from New Zealand released source code for his Winlockpwn scripts. He first demoed the hacking physical-memory-DMA feature of Firewire at Ruxcon 2006 . Yes, thats right this is a feature of firewire that basically destroys the security feeling of any computer screensaver/lockscreen (Windows/Mac/ Linux) with a firewire port. This is more of a complex hack then say pressing the “escape” button in windows 98 but it gets the job done just as quick.

as adam puts it:

Yes, this means you can completely own any box who’s firewire port you can plug into in seconds.

Get a copy of the Winlockpwn code here

Hack into a Windows PC – no password needed – Security – Technology