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FireWire burning your security

Adam Boileau a security reacher from New Zealand released source code for his Winlockpwn scripts. He first demoed the hacking physical-memory-DMA feature of Firewire at Ruxcon 2006 . Yes, thats right this is a feature of firewire that basically destroys the security feeling of any computer screensaver/lockscreen (Windows/Mac/ Linux) with a firewire port. This is more of a complex hack then say pressing the “escape” button in windows 98 but it gets the job done just as quick.

as adam puts it:

Yes, this means you can completely own any box who’s firewire port you can plug into in seconds.

Get a copy of the Winlockpwn code here

Hack into a Windows PC – no password needed – Security – Technology

Vista slash fest

I just wish Microsoft would just sell one version of vista for $99 and be done with it. It takes several hours of sifting press releases and system requirements to understand what Vista Home Ultimate has and Vista Home Basic lacks. At least this 20 percent price cut is a step in the right direction toward a reasonable price. However, in true Microsoft fashion even the price cuts take some study.

Microsoft Slashes Some Windows Vista Prices
(ubuntu is still free:-)