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Opera Mini on the Helio Ocean

When I bought my Helio ocean I was told that it was not possible to install any third party java apps not provided by Helio. This is very frustrating as the weakest part of the Ocean is it’s abysmal browser. Well I am glad to say some people just can’t take no for an answer. People like gmonk63 over at gmonk63 strapped together a way to put Opera Mini on the Helio ocean with qwerty keyboard support. Please donate to gmonk63 he deserves it.

To install direct your Helio browser to the install link making sure you view in html mode and click the link.

Install links

Link 1:

Link 2:

If they are broken you can try your luck installing Opera Mini 3.1 and beta4 here:
Link 3:

I found helio3g while browsing a great site called
Who smartly posted this disclaimer and I agree.

Disclaimer: Both programs are properties of their respective owners, and only offered through these links as they are otherwise unavailable on the Helio platform. As with all custom applications, mishaps during download/operation may require a hard reset of your device. Back up your stuff! No modifications were made to the program’s code, solely the packaging that surrounds it. All compiled code is still in its original form. Install at your own risk. If things don’t work, you may have to hard reset your device. This is in no way supported by Helio, Opera, or the WLIrc team. If you have trouble getting it to work, Tech support can’t do squat. So don’t bug’em. Opera Mini may use more bandwidth than the default browser, as it does not utilize Google Mobilizer. It is similar to pressing “View in HTML” in the default browser. Keep an eye on your bandwidth usage so that Helio doesn’t get mad.