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HijackThis has been hijacked???

Looks like someone forgot to pay the hosting bill. Is now a ad FARM GODADDY PARK PAGE. Godaddy is going to make a bundle off this goofup!! But I wonder if merijn/TrendMicro just forgot to pay the bill or deleted it? What ever the case I hope it’s fixed soon as thousands of webpages link to that address andso does . So I hope it is just a accident and not permanent.

Ubuntu 7.10 – Sun Java 1.6.0_05 Manual Installation

Disturbed by the lack of security updates to sun java in the Ubuntu repos. I went looking for a tutorial on how to manual install it. I found jmtdstoc a fine blog for any ubuntu user to read.

Alas, the blog has no commenting so I can’t share my experience with the blogger. (maybe I’ll try email)

My experience:
I needed to add a sim link to my ~/.mozilla/plugins directory (the ~ stands for my home directory) in order to get firefox 3.0-b4 to except the update.

sudo ln -s /opt/jre1.6/plugin/i386/ns7/ ~/.mozilla/plugins

other than that everything went smooth as ice. Thanks jmtdstoc

read tutorial

FireWire burning your security

Adam Boileau a security reacher from New Zealand released source code for his Winlockpwn scripts. He first demoed the hacking physical-memory-DMA feature of Firewire at Ruxcon 2006 . Yes, thats right this is a feature of firewire that basically destroys the security feeling of any computer screensaver/lockscreen (Windows/Mac/ Linux) with a firewire port. This is more of a complex hack then say pressing the “escape” button in windows 98 but it gets the job done just as quick.

as adam puts it:

Yes, this means you can completely own any box who’s firewire port you can plug into in seconds.

Get a copy of the Winlockpwn code here

Hack into a Windows PC – no password needed – Security – Technology