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I live in Jacksonville, Florida USA where I ride my bike and run a small PC and network repair biz. I consider my self extremely lucky to earn a living doing what I love. I have been earning my living in this way for several years. Alas, my personality doesn’t allow me to rest on the successes of my past. Entrepreneurs are cursed that way. I started SpyandSeek while still in college but never finished it. (slight ADD another curse.) After a two years in the PC trade I decided it was time to finish what I started and so SpyandSeek was born. SpyandSeek has analyzed thousands of HijackThis logs from around the world since it’s launch in late 2005. It still amazes me how a tiny site like mine can touch so many far off places.

problems with dell 1510 wireless WLAN mini card

I just had to reload a Dell inspiron mini 10v and boy is there ever a odd issue with the 1510 wireless. As pointed out on dell’s fourms:

Well it seems for me the fix was to :
1. Click on Start > Run and in the Open: field enter compmgmt.msc, then click on the OK button.
2. Click on Device Manager .
3. In the right pain select Network Devices.
4. Right click on Dell wireless 1510 Wireless-N WLAN Mini-Card.
5. Select Properties.
6. The Properties dialog box should appear.
7. Click on the Advanced tab.
8. Select  AP Compatibility Mode and change value to Broader Compatibility
9. Select IBSS Mode and change value to 802.11 a/b/g/n Auto
10. Click OK button

You should now be able to connect to access points on channels other than 6.

HijackThis has been hijacked???

Looks like someone forgot to pay the hosting bill. Is now a ad FARM GODADDY PARK PAGE. Godaddy is going to make a bundle off this goofup!! But I wonder if merijn/TrendMicro just forgot to pay the bill or deleted it? What ever the case I hope it’s fixed soon as thousands of webpages link to that address andso does . So I hope it is just a accident and not permanent.